Tony Leskinen!!

Happy Monday from here over at iamdooms! Today i thought i would post an interview with one of my favorite drummers around town, Tony Leskinen. Read on to see what’s up with Tony! Thanks! 

photo credit: Loren Ress
photo credit: Loren Ress

1. What is your name?

My name is Anthony Edward Leskinen

2. Where are you from and where do you live now?

From Madison Wisconsin

3. What bands do you play in now and and who were your past bands?

Bands I am currently in are Sir! no Sir!, which just finished a new record. The Skintones which is on vacation until Pete gets a new heart. I am also writing with Shawn Brown from Seven Seasons Deep, as we are workmates and close friends:)

4. I think you are an awesome drummer. When did you start drumming? did you ever take lessons?

Yes I did take drumming lessons from Mike Who is on the Ludwig poster. I took them for one summer, but I learned from him for 3 years.

5. Who are your drumming influences and why?

Keith Moon. Matt Cameron. Jon Bonham, locally Clyde, you and Scott Beardsley:)

6. How do you get your bass drum foot to move so quickly??!? Tell me your secrets!!!

foot movement:) I’ve only seen a few drummers do constant triplets with one foot. Check Terry Bozzio, it’s not possible without a full summer of practice without sticks.

7. I see you are a sushi chef! What are some of your favorite rolls to make?

Rolls. I love the Boston roll, or Spicy Tuna. They’re easy but awesome. I have tons of elaborate rolls, but simple Japanese rolls are the best:)

8. I see you are a Simpsons fan. I am as well. What is one of your favorite episodes?

favorite Simpsons episode hasn’t changed. U did a spot on local Fox TV. For this same question? My answer is vocabulary builder!

9. What bands are you currently digging on?

Old Arctic Monkey(humbug, and whatever you say I am I a not) Fugazi 13 songs, the New Drunk Drivers record (it’s Always weekend) best of Johnny Cash, the prodigy( fat of the land)

10. Lastly, what are some of your favorite Skintones songs to play? Why?

S.L.A. As cold Black River just covered it for local love fest, h-bomb is always fun to play with Showbiz, Rocka Locka, because of the middle eastern vibe. Dont do it, I like the tempo in the tune. Pink Chimps b/c I get to make monkey noises:)

There ya have it! I highly encourage checking out Tony in any of the bands he plays in. Tony sent me a couple songs off the new Sir! No Sir! record with a note for the blog! Thanks! 

Walking backward written by me and singing as well. I sing 6 of the 10 songs on the new record:) Vapor trails also written by me, with Nate singing my lyrics. 

Walking Backward:

Vapor Trails:

Check out Sir! No Sir! here:

Check out The Skintones here: