Q and A with Bobby Hussy!

Hi there! Guess what, I’m back! I was gone most of the summer touring and after I got back I got way behind on doing pretty much anything. So it’s time to start up again. Today I have up a chat i had with my bandmate and friend, Bobby. Read on to see what is going on with him including this weekend’s Turkeyfest! Thanks!


Bobby Hussy Photo Credit: Brett Stepanik
Bobby Hussy
Photo Credit: Brett Stepanik

1. What is your name?

They call me Bobby Hussy. Our band could be your life. Real names’d be proof.

2. Where are you from and where do you live now?

I was born in Plymouth, WI. I currently live in my favorite city in the world, Madison, WI.

3. What bands have you been in and who are you playing with currently?

I have been in a few bands in the past decade. The band I care most about is the psych punk duo (now trio) The Hussy. Ever heard of em, Heather? Hahaha  I’m also in the four piece garage punk outfit Fire Retarded with some good dudes from a slew of other bands (Proud Parents, New Years Gang, Dumb Vision, Giant People, etc). I have a side project thingy going with Shawn from Digital Leather called TIT. And recently I started playing around with the idea of having Cave Curse be a live band. My friend Will from Kansas is playing drums in the project. He was in a brutal two piece sludge punk band call Jabberjosh. Oh and I guess right now I’m filling in on bass for Dumb Vision so they/we can play Turkeyfest!

4. Tell me about Turkeyfest, the three day long music fest. How long have you been doing this? What’s it all about?

This is the sixth Turkeyfest. The first year we threw two Turkeyfests in one year so I’ve been doing it 5 years. It started as a way to promote my label Kind Turkey’s new releases, but as years have gone on I’ve spent more time focused on projects I’m playing in than releasing records with Kind Turkey. I still like to do tapes every now and again! As for bands the Hussy has always been the driving force for the fest, we always headline the big day…which originally the fest started as a one day event at Mickey’s. It quickly outgrew the venue and we moved it to a one day event at Crystal Corner Bar just down the street from Mickey’s. Last year we made it a two day event with the first day starting as a free show over at Mickey’s and the second day at Crystal Corner Bar. This is the biggest year yet! We’ve got 6 touring bands and 6 local bands spread over three days and two venues! The first day, Friday October 23rd is at Mickey’s Tavern with Fire Retarded, Xetas, The Iceberg and No Hoax. The second, Saturday October 24th is at Crystal Corner Bar with The Hussy, Obnox, We Are Hex and Proud Parents. And the last day, Sunday October 25th is at Mickey’s again with Dumb Vision, Running, Male Gaze and Grave Texture!

5. Who are some of your favorite musicians/bands and why? Who or what sparked your interest in music?

Nirvana is the first band that made me want to play in a band when I was 14. Then later I expanded out to more underground bands and found my favorites were in the garage and punk scenes. John Dwyer is probably my favorite current living musician. He still destroys every time I see him. I love everything Jay Reatard made.

6. You are very active in the Madison music scene. What are some really great things about the scene? What do you feel could use improvement??

I love how many bands have started up in Madison in recent years. I love how people still go out to a lot of shows and a lot of people in bands go and support other bands in the community…as well as the touring bands coming through. There’s been a large influx of GOOD touring bands coming through our town and that’s what makes a scene alive! I’m also still constantly amazed to see new bands cropping up that are great that aren’t just the same people starting the same type of band. Sometimes these bands are people “outside” the scene and they help shape the future of the scene by adding to it. Which ultimately means more people going to and supporting shows and touring bands. I’m happy to see Madison bands change and morph over time. People are trying new things and there are more than enough venues to get your music out there. I’m also really psyched that Erick and Claire have started up a label called Rare Plant that’s doing really great things really quickly! It’s inspiring! And then there’s non musical things that cross over like the Toothtaker Zine run by Mary, Claire and Aiki. They put out a tape with the zine and it features a slew of great hand selected jams from Madison and beyond! As for room for improvement….Madison has already changed so much since the time you and I started playing together Heather. It’s a whole new world here! It’d be nice if some of the bigger venues would give locals more of a chance and maybe pay them a bit better for their work, but that’s a small thing and it most absolutely happens in every town in this country.

7. Who are some current bands you are digging on right now?? What is on your turntable at this very moment?

In recent years Thee Oh Sees have always been my favorite current band. I still love seeing them! Obnox is really great live and on record. Austin Texas’ Xetas is one of the toughest bands you will see live and I recommend catching them if you can! Pampers were great at Gonerfest. I always love seeing Nots play.

On my turntable now? Some ambient out there stuff by Conrad Schnitzler. It’s like ENO but spacier and more krauty.

8. You have toured all over the U.S. and many other parts of the world. What was a favorite place or memory you have? What place would you like to tour that you’ve never been?

Someday I hope we can make it to Japan. That would be rad. I’m really happy with where we have toured, so many places I never thought we would go. I really would like to tour Canada more extensively and maybe play Maine one day because it’s one of the few continental states I’ve never been to. I absolutely love playing in Europe. Our booker Steffan there is a great friend and does an excellent job. My favorite touring memory is probably going to Europe on the recent trip this year. It was the best tour and a great experience. It was a long tour but went quicker than most of our tours because it was really smooth besides for a few roadblocks. As for the US, I really liked Saint Augustine, Florida with Nobunny last year because that show was just a ton of fun and the town is so unique. I always love being in Richmond at Strange Matter with Nervous Ticks and hanging in Cleveland with our friends Seb, Matt, Ro, Heather, ETC. And then there’s Omaha….my home away from home. So many good friends there and way too many to mention here.

9. You own and operate Kind Turkey Records. Besides Turkeyfest, what else do you have going on with the label? Any releases coming up that people should know about?

In the past I’ve put a lot more time and work into Kind Turkey. Currently I don’t have as much time as I’d like to devote to it so I’ve just been doing things very minimally and sporadically. I feel like with Rare Plant going they have the local scene covered in terms of tapes. I’ll still find some national bands and most likely do another Hussy tape again soon. The Hussy is already in plans with Rare Plant to make a series of EXTREMELY limited Live Cassettes from Hussy shows of the past. On a recent trip back to my parent’s house I uncovered about 10 tapes spanning 12 or so Hussy shows from early in our career and Weed Seizure era. During that time I had a habit of recording almost any show we played with a tape recorder. It’s surprising how good the quality is. I suppose it’s easier when it’s just the two instruments and two vocals in the room to capture versus the sonics of a 4 piece band or something.

10. What do you see yourself doing in five years?

Honestly, I can’t see my life changing that much in five years. We’ve spent the last 8 doing The Hussy and I foresee continuing making music in all the projects I have going currently. Things might morph and change….like they have already with the Hussy becoming a three piece….but that’s good. It’s a good and welcome change. I’m happy to see where the next year takes our songwriting. This is the first time in the Hussy’s career where we’re not going to focus on making a record immediately after making the last one. It’s time to hash some tunes out, hang out, decompress maybe a bit. I’ll probably do some touring with Fire Retarded this year and hope to bring TIT up to Madison. And I wanna get Cave Curse off the ground around Madison.

11. Finally, it’s late and you’re hungry. What the heck are you gonna eat??!

How late? Before 10 I’ll run to Mickey’s to get Chicken Tenders or a Salad. If I’m at the practice space late with Fire Retarded we might get Mexican at La Hacienda or maybe order up some wings. Really late? And I might have drank too much and smoked too much? Then we might call Burrito Drive.

Big thanks to Bobby for taking the time out and answering these questions! If you are in the Madison area, i recommend you stop out this weekend and check out Turkeyfest at Mickey’s Tavern and Crystal Corner Bar. In the meantime, check out these links to Bobby’s projects!


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