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Hey everyone! New post up. This time i asked Jake from Ausmuteants and about a million other awesome bands to answer some questions. I first heard of Ausmuteants a few years ago now and loved them ever since! I was fortunate enough to play with a few of Jake’s bands in Melbourne a year and a half ago or so, and it was great! Thanks Jake, for taking the time out to do this!

Jake with Carolyn
Jake with Carolyn

1. What is your name?

Jakey Boy

2. Where were you born, and where do you live now?

Born in Gosford, NSW – live in Melbourne VIC

3. What bands have you been in, and who are you playing with currently?

When I was 14 I was in Buttshaft, which turned into The Solid Beam, which had members of Snoozefests. Then I left NSW and joined Frowning Clouds which has members of Hierophants and I formed Ausmuteants which Billy also plays in Wet Blankets which I got kicked out of by Zane who really likes Leather Towel which recorded in 2012, but the record never came out on aarght, which is run by Rich, who I play in Drug Sweat with who sounds nothing like No Limit which is me, Jeff and Adam, Jeff also plays in School Damage with me and my girlfriend Carolyn and Dani Damage who Carolyn and I used to live with.

4. Ausmuteants are one of my favorite bands. What have you guys been up to lately? Any new releases coming up?

We were meant to record last week but Billy burst his ear drum at Shitfest (an annual show organised by Bits of Shit) So we’ve post poned it to this week. We’re hoping to get 2 LPs done this year.

5. Any plans for Ausmuteants to tour Europe or United States again? When? Going to be in Europe again in 2016.

Dunno if USA is possible… Maybe with Hierophants?

6. Another band of yours that i really dig are Hierophants. What have Heirophants been up to? I’m kinda asking the same question, but different band, sorry. Do you guys have any new releases coming out? And please tell me you guys might make it to the USA sometime?

Zak and Daff from Hierophants have another band called ORB who are incredible. They are talking about coming to the states this year. If they do, we may as well tag Hierophants on the end of it. We recorded half an LP like 5 months ago.. but, that was literally the last time we played. Can’t remember the songs anymore. We’ll get back into it soon.

7. You have a really awesome, unique style to your songwriting. Who are some artists or bands that really inspire you and why??

umm. Heaps of different bands in different genres. I love it when something is thrown out of left field. I think The Homosexuals are really good at doing that. I love straight up rock n roll bangers like Powerage era AC/DC. Ray Davies and Ed Kuepper know how to make chords and melody work for each other. Young Marble Giants and The Particles for their use of space in songs. These aren’t really things I hear when I am playing the songs I write, but I wish they were.

8. I think the Melbourne music scene is really brilliant. Pretty much any band I saw or played with was awesome. Who are some of your favorite Melbourne bands?

I dunno there is a lot. Brando’s Island and Tommy T & The Classical Mishaps have my favourite 7”s in recent times. Leather Lickers and Cereal Killer were my favourite gigs in the past few weeks.

9. If you could pick a few of your favorite songs you have written, what would they be?

Buttshaft – Back to the underground

Snoozefests – who’s that girl

Frowning Clouds – Dreamtiming

Hierophants – Conspiracy Theories

Ausmuteants – who’s the narc

Leather Towel – Mean Girls

School Damage – Grown Ups

Drug Sweat – Ozone Chode

No Limit – H&M Suicide

10. Who are some bands you would recommend kids get into?

Black Randy and The Metrosquad

11. Lastly, your hungry and it’s late. What kind of pizza would you get? Would it be from Lazer Pig?

The only late night pizza from Melbourne Is LAMBS. I took Justin from Nobunny there while you and Bobby were here. Everybody else got the fancy gourmet crap. Me and him went $2.50 slices of Lamb Lovers and vegetarian. It’s greasy and it doesn’t pretend to be good for you.

Thanks again Jake for answering my questions!! It is really appreciated! Here are some links to some of his bands! Seriously check them all out!

Ausmuteants on Facebook:


Ausmuteants video for No Motivation:

Hierophants on Facebook:


Hierophants – Conspiracy Theory

School Damage on Facebook:


School Damage – Sick of You:

Drug Sweat on Facebook:


Drug Sweat live:

Leather Towel on Facebook:


Leather Towel – Nacho Chips:



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