Chives frontman Ryan Perkins!

Hey all!! Recently the band I play in played with an awesome band from Indianapolis called Chives. They are a great band and recently put out a 7″ out on Maximum PELT records outta Chicago. I decided to write Chives’ frontman, Ryan, and ask him a few questions! Thanks Ryan for taking the time out to do this! Also: Check out Chives THIS Wednesday, March 23rd, at Mickey’s in Madison!

Ryan “Chives” Perkins is third from left.

1. What is your name?

Ryan David Perkins, if I told you differently in the past I didn’t lie to you.

2. Where were you born and where do you live now?

I don’t remember where I was born but I’m sure it was beautiful!!

 Now I live with Dick.


3. What bands have you been in and who are you playing with now?

Pretty much I first started actively playing with other people when I met Carl, he popped my cherry.

 I was pretty young, younger than I am now.

I’ve gotten to play with some truly incredible people, some of my idols have even filled out The Chives line up.

4. Tell me a little bit about Chives. 
 Sonny Blood of Apache Dropout played bass for a while, Rachel Miss Mess of The Open Sex/Shame Thugs played drums for a bit.. Jacob Gardner of Raw McCartney/Crys/Learner Dancer played drums for a while and switch to guitar when I brought Carl back in..

Jackson Vanhorn of TV Ghost went on the road with us for a while!

Spaceman Jack plays the drums. He’s very good.

Chives is a pretty nice guy, can be a little too much at times but he gets by.


 right now

Carl Jones plays the drums.

 Mitch Geisinger plays the guitar.

Dick James plays the bass.

5. Listening to Chives I know I sense a bit of a Oh Sees and Jay Reatard influence. Who else influences you musically?

I really like Donna Summer and Motorhead.

6. Who are some bands that you have been digging on lately?

Nest Egg is really cool, the other day this crazy Lula Cortez song came on the radio.. Nas Paredes da Pedra Encantada I think! But that’s from the 70s, Glyders from Chicago are super tight.

7. Chives just recently put out a killer 7″ on Maximum Pelt records out of Chicago. How did that come about and was it hard to choose which songs made it onto the 7″?

I met Max at Wally’s one of my first times in Chicago, and he put my songs on wax! great guy!

Actually yeah, Dick and I were in the process of recording this record I had laid out and then this sort of forced me to just put something out and create something which was a first for me, I always spend way too much time on things… too many ideas haha which is definitely not a bad thing, but that broke up that album I had planned out a little bit forcing that stuff to take a backseat as I was writing and recording a lot more which is how the forthcoming records, Tower and Porcelain came to be… Which will be put out by SonaBLAST! records out of Louisville, KY. Tower is sort of all of the stuff Dick and I recorded during the Drip time period, but I put it together and mixed it after recording and putting together Porcelain. So I came at these songs I wrote when I was at a different point in my life with all the experience and knowledge I had gained piecing together two records I feel really proud of and am excited for people to get their hands on soon.

8. Will there be a full length coming soon from Chives?

 I’ve got a lot up my sleeve, there’ll definitely be a few full lengths coming soon.

9. What was the last record you listened to?

The Life of Pablo by Kanye West.

10. Tell me about the Indy music scene. Pros? Cons? I think Indy has a ton of talent!

Indy’s great, I love it.

11. It’s late and you are starving for pizza. What kind of pizza do you get?!?!?

I work at Donatos right now so I probably have a mess up in the fridge!

Thanks again to Ryan for doing the interview! Here are a couple links for you all to check out!! 

Chives on FaceBook:

Chives Bandcamp:

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